Interfaith Pray for Peace

The Interfaith Cooperation Circle of Central Virginia co-sponsors an Interfaith Pray for Peace Gathering each month.  We would love you to join us!

We meet on the last Thursday of each month at the Unity Church Meditation Room, 2825 Hydraulic Rd., Charlottesville, VA.

INTERFAITH PRAY FOR PEACE GATHERING VISION: Personal, community, and planetary peace created and sustained by people of diverse spiritual paths

COMMITMENT: To provide monthly opportunities in the Charlottesville area for people of different traditions to • gather for prayer and celebration • nurture safety, understanding, appreciation and respect for one another

WHO: Interfaith Pray for Peace gatherings welcome people of all faiths, backgrounds, and beliefs.

WHAT: A relaxed and inspired flow of • prayers for peace, healing, compassion and wisdom • songs from many traditions • news of and blessings for peace efforts on the planet • silence allowing our hearts to open and recommit to our own spiritual paths and our own work for peace.

WHEN: Final Thursday of every month, 7:15-8:30 p.m.

WHERE: Different organizations and faith communities take turns hosting the gatherings.

SPONSORS: Interfaith Cooperation Circle of Central Virginia-URI, Gesher Center, The Unity Church

SCHEDULING YOUR HOSTING OPPORTUNITY: If you would like to host a gathering, please contact Heena Reiter,

~ Bring your longing for peace ~
~ Return home renewed and reconnected ~


Since their beginnings in 2001, the Interfaith Pray for Peace gatherings have followed an informal and participatory format. From month to month, the content has varied— and included such offerings as gentle recitation of ancient and modern texts and prayers, chants in many languages, yoga relaxation, simple circle dancing, and rousing choruses of gospel and peace songs. The interactive and organic unfolding of each gathering makes it uniquely inspiring.

MATERIALS: Over the years, Interfaith Pray for Peace has collected a binder full of prayers and poems from diverse traditions. Copies of Collected Songs of Gesher are also available for use at the gatherings. Facilitators may bring any additional prayers, poems or songs, as desired.


1.Come prepared, for example, with an outline which may include a theme and particular songs or prayers.
2. Pass the binder before starting, so that participants may choose a reading to share if they have not brought one of their own.
3. Invite participants to share their current concerns: areas of need and news about peace-building efforts.
4. Provide responsive facilitation rather than rigid direction. Remain flexible as participants offer their thoughts, readings, songs, and prayers. These may lead the gathering in new directions. This responsive, open-ended approach creates an emotionally safe place in which prayer, intimacy and sacred energy are free to flower.
5. Be respectful of time. Begin and end promptly.

SUPPORT: Let’s work together! Collaboration among organizations and leaders is welcomed, encouraged, and valued. Heena Reiter, one of the original founders of Interfaith Pray for Peace, is happy to provide assistance or guitar accompaniment, if desired.

Other longtime participants are also available to share leadership, provide specific support, or even lead or co-lead the gathering at your location, if you wish. Heena Reiter,