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Our History

The Interfaith Cooperation Circle of Central Virginia, is now the Interfaith Pray for Peace Circle.  A local Charlottesville area effort, our interfaith group has been affiliated with the United Religions Initiative ( since 2006.  Prior to that, the Interfaith Pray for Peace activity began in 2001, and two Sulha (reconciliation) events were offered in 2004 and 2005.

Our focus has been on promoting random acts of awareness, kindness, connection, mutual understanding, interfaith support, and celebration of diversity (particularly in a multiplicity of faith and spiritual expressions.)  We had monthly meetings for over ten years, recently including discussions on Inter-spirituality, Eco-spirituality, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. We hosted “listening circles” periodically, and we hosted a celebration in Charlottesville of the International Day of Peace every September 21st for eleven years.  The Interfaith Pray for Peace gatherings have occurred monthly for nearly seventeen years, and the Circle continues.