Our Purpose is to foster a culture of peace and understanding by creating opportunities for interfaith community, exploration, healing, and celebration.

Humanity is entering a new paradigm based on planetary consciousness. Since the early astronauts first offered us the image of Earth as a single “blue marble,” there has been a growing recognition that we are all One—-emerging and manifesting in many ways. We are now transitioning out of a mindset based on such arbitrary divisions as race, class, nation, religion, tribe, age, culture, gender, and even human/non-human. The issues that seem to divide us are illusions; they are not part of being present to the divine purpose of our being, but represent instead a threat not only to human life but to planet Earth, our home.

Therefore: Our dream for making a difference is to nurture the understanding that we are all One, and can live together in peace. We intend to realize this dream through activities that recognize the divinity in our diverse humanity.

For more information please contact Ron Povich.
And,please visit: www.uri.org